60x40cm Models

These are models of metabolic pathways directed toward eukaryotic organisms. They are moreover readily transportable. The first model shows the interrelationships of glycolysis, Krebs Cycle, electron transport chain and ATP regeneration from ADP. It is a summary of these four fundamental processes for which the title 'Sugar-electric Engine' is proposed. The 'Molecular Diesel-electric' or 'Heavy oil engine' shows lipolysis of a fat globule and extraction of electrical energy from resultant fatty acids. These two models are with benefit compared side by side.

Locations and contexts may with advantage be indicated by additional drawings or models at lower magnification. A mitochondrial drawing or model at x100,000 shows the location of both the above-mentioned models as on both sides of the mitochondrial membrane. The models may also be accompanied by drawings made by Prof David Goodsell to give an indication of how the processes appear as they take place in dense cytoplasm.